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to the Discover Arts Award

A very WARM WELCOME to the Discover Arts Award!!!!!!!!!
the Discover Award is the first step on the Arts Award journey.
Sherwood Young Artsits has devised a 7 week course, complete with 8 pre-recorded video tutorials and 6 downloadable worksheets to guide you easily through the completion of your Discover Arts Award.
On completion of the course, participants will be entered for their award. Trinity College London is the awarding body. Each child that is entered will gain an official Discover Arts Award certificate.

What are the Arts Awards???

What will I need to do to pass my Discover Arts Award???

There are four main things that you will need to do

1. Discover all the different types of art that are all around us in our everyday lives (Part A)

2. Discover new materials and new techniques to help you create lots of different art pieces (Part A)

3. Discover some artists and find out about their lives and their artwork (Part B)

4. Share all your amazing discoveries and your beautiful artwork with you family and friends and tell them what you have learnt. (Part C)

What activities will I be taking part in???
You will become an Art Spotter and spot all the different types of Art, Craft and Design in your home and neighbourhood, you will create an egg box African Mask, a beautiful Impressionist Landscape painting, a God's Eye, a drawing of a Hot Air Balloon, an imaginative art piece made from nature, a magical colour changing chameleon and you will then share all your amazing artwork with you family and friends.
What others have said ..........
'she really did enjoy it and doing different things' Charlotte 
'Maya wanted me to say thank you for all the videos and wanted me to let you know how much she enjoyed the the lessons. I have to say, I very much enjoyed them too!!Kelly
'She's absolutely loved it all, far more than we'd anticipated, so thank you!'  Caroline
'She has learnt so much and been so proud of herself' Sophie
''Your tutorials have been one of our lockdown highlights' Lucy

To sign up for the Discover Arts Award Course and start your Arts Award Journey, please click the button below to take you to our course selection page

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